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Meet Our Team

Every member of our team is dedicated to supporting and teaching our Clients.

Dan Milos, CPA

had an accountant... then I became an accountant...

My name is Dan Milos, and here's what's important to know about me...

Before I became a CPA, I owned a small business.  We designed complex tooling and machinery and what often kept me up at night was worrying about cash flow and tax liabilites. It seemed like every time I turned around my bank account was being emptied out by the IRS. I hired good accounting firms, but often felt that I didn't understand their language. Consequently, I was often surprised with my tax position - and often watched as my bank account drained unexpectedly.

My trade moved overseas to China so I decided to reinvent myself. I was great with numbers and really thought I could help others understand what I didn't as a small business owner. I worked for very successful CPA firms in Southeast Wisconsin before opening my own business. I watched carefully, paying attention to what each of them did well - and finally opened my own practice using the best of what I learned.

I learned that business owners want us to listen to them, guide them and not surprise them with fees and tax liabilities. It's personally important to me to have a relationship with each client - and to communicate clearly in a language that everyone understands. I want my clients to reach their goals - and want to do more than just crunch numbers for them.

Contact Dan at:

(262) 547-6000

Ben Badger - CPA

Ben has been working with Dan for over 2 years.  Ben completed his CPA exam in September of 2018.  Ben works with our clients on complex tax and accounting issues.  Ben assists the production team with General Ledger reviews and Balance Sheets.  Ben works closely with our clients regarding payroll issues and sales and use tax in over 20 states.  Ben also works on both business and personal tax returns.

Contact Ben at:

(262) 547-6000

Shelly Bruce - Accounting Services Associate

Shelly has an Associate's Degree in Accounting and is one of our Lead Bookkeepers.  Shelly prepares our clients monthly Statement of Income and Expenses, Balance Sheets and Bank Reconciliations.  One of Shelly's key roles also includes Sales and Use Tax for our Clients along with Payroll. 

Contact Shelly at:

(262) 547-6000 ext.. 106

Sam Olson- Data Entry Specialist

Sam is our lead data entry associate who works diligently entering every transaction for our clients from all bank and credit card statements to loan and payroll reports.  Sam does bank reconciliations and works closely with our CPA's to provide them with all the data to produce the General Ledger and Balance Sheets.

Contact Sam at:

(262) 547-6000 ext. 102

Michelle Martinson - Records Coordinator

Michelle has an Associates degree in Accounting and a Certificate as a Computerized Accounting Specialist.  As Client Records Coordinator, Michelle gathers customers' records and data from our clients for monthly accounting services.  Her role consists of gathering all credit card statements, bank statements, and reports from payroll companys, i.e., ADP, Paychex, Heartland, and several other payroll services.  On a quarterly basis, Michlelle also retrieves 941's, and UC-101's.  Annually, she is in charge of obtaining W2's, W3's, 940's and WT-7's. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in QuickBooks and assists our clients with QuickBooks training.

Contact Michelle at:

(262) 547-6000 ext. 103

Linda Gruichich - Client Relations Director

As Client Relations Director, Linda is the first point of contact with potential new clients.  She works with them to determine their needs and concerns and develops a plan for how our team can assist them.  Linda also develops new client relationships and maintains current client satisfaction.  She works with our clients and with our internal team to problem solve, find solutions and make sure the needs and concerns of our clients are met in a timely manner.  Linda's proactive approach with clients will help them be prepared for upcoming deadlines and ensure our clients know how to utilize all the services we offer.

Contact Linda at:

(262) 547-6000 ext.104

Jean Trevino - Executive Administration

Jean works closely with Dan as his executive assistant.  She works with Dan to help our clients resolve any issues they may have. Jean works closely as an extension to our special projects team.  She also works directly with our clients on a day to day basis.  She helps make our services affordable for our clients, by working with them to initiate payment plans for our services.   

Contact Jean at:

(262) 547-6000 Ext. 102

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